Cookies: End of warnings

All internet users in Europe have learned to live by the warnings of cookies. A pop-up window usually appears warning you that yes, the site uses cookies… just like almost any other web page. Cookies

If your warning seems unnecessary and ineffective, you are not the only one who thinks so. However, some believe it is necessary and they are all in the European Union….

Webmasters and Internet users in the EU should probably have to deal with cookie warnings for over a decade.

We have seen them for so long, no one is happy, but no one is doing anything to change the regime.

But it seems that there is hope for a less embarrassing European web. A recent proposed update of the original law It is said that it will make warning banners outdated and unnecessary, forcing websites to "read" and "respect" the settings of any browser that prohibits cookies.

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The new law will also force websites to require explicit consent before they startcookie cookies, which means that current alert banners will not be necessary unless the site wants to do some specific tracking.

However, this proposal is not easy, as technical changes would make it more difficult for sites to offer facilities such as connection sessions or a shopping cart.

Sites could also face a significant loss in advertising revenue, which is surely not going to fall, stakeholder representatives of the groups involved.

All this will be brought before the European Commission as it has already begun to consider the proposal. If the law update is approved, it will take effect in May 2018, and will bring with it many other changes to the privacy laws.

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