How to Copy Text from Sites That Bind It

There are several sites on the web that prevent copying part or all of the text they publish, or even yes, by using the mouse or the keyboard.copy paste sites 1

The following guide shows the methods to overcome the constraint. But first, why do websites apply these limitations?

Reasons may be many, but the most likely cause is some form of copy protection. So do not use the following ways to sites that their content is protected by copyright.

1 Method: Disable JavaScript

Most websites use Javascript to block the mouse. If you disable JavaScript on that website temporarily or permanently, you will be able to copy the text.

Some JavaScript-based websites on the other, which means that their content may disappear when JavaScript is disabled.

Firefox users type in the address bar of your browser

about: config

search in the search box for:


and change the value from true to false.javascript sites
Chrome users can disable JavaScript from:

chrome: // settings / content

Internet Explorer users can disable it from the Options:

Security Zone - Custom Level - Active Scripting


Security - Zone - Custom Level - Active Scripting

Opera users can disable JavaScript from their browser settings:

Opera: // settings /

Extensions such as NoScript can be useful in this case (and not only) as they prevent scripts from running.

2 method: From source code

Another option you have is to display the source code of the webpage you are in. Since it appears as text it is possible to copy that you want without any limitations.source code sites

Just press the Ctrl-U keys while you are on the webpage you are interested in and display its source code. The combination of these two keys works in most browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

Then you will find the text or content you are interested in. Use Ctrl-F to search for it.

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3 method: Extensions

The third and last option is more appropriate if you want to copy regularly from websites that prohibit right-clicking or copying text when you are on them. You can also use the third method if all of the above does not work.

The RightToClick for Firefox easily disables JavaScript. If you use Chrome there is the homonymous add-on which offers the same features.

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