Copy the Task Manager entries to Windows 10

A lesser known feature of it Manager στα Windows 10, είναι η δυνατότητα of the readings of the various individual components, such as CPU, memory, Ethernet, etc.


You can copy and paste as text, all the information provided by the . It may not seem like good news, but the following feature might help you when you need to save her information quickly. Task Manager to a text file or send them via a messenger.

To copy a component's information to the Task Manager, do the following:
1. Open the Task manager.
2. Go to full view by clicking on "More Details" in the lower right corner.
3. Go to the Performance tab.
4. Right-click on any accessory you want in the left vertical column, with the different materials. For example the CPU.
5. From the pop-up window with the , select “Copy”.

6. Now, just paste it in Windows notebook or wherever you prefer.

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