Copyfish Copy, paste - translate text from images, videos or PDFs.

Copyfish is not the first Optical Character Recognition (OCR) extension, as Project Naptha already exists.

But the extension seems to extend functionality by adding new options that Project Naptha does not have.goldfish

Probably the biggest addition to Copyfish is that it lets you select text from videos and PDFs that appear in Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers, as well as text from images. Note that Project Naptha restricts its translation to images only.

The second new feature is a direct translation. Imagine watching a YouTube video showing subtitles in a foreign language that you do not understand. Copyfish

Using Copyfish you can watch the video with translated subtitles!

Copyfish adds an icon to the browser's address bar.

Note that the extension requires permission to read and change the data on all the websites you visit.

The icon appears in red or black, depending on whether you can use the OCR extension features on a page or not.

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If the icon is red and you click on it, the extension will show an overlay on your screen and ask you to draw a rectangle around the text you want to translate.

The text is automatically processed and opens an overlay in the lower right corner of your screen that displays the copied text as a top and bottom translation.

The latest version of the add-on also has a Screenshot Reader, for editing text on your desktop.copyfish desktop ocr

Copyfish is a useful extension and you can try it from the ink below

Copyfish OCR for Chrome
Copyfish OCR for Firefox
Copyfish OCR for Edge

Watch the video

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