Cortana true do you use the digital assistant?

The Cortana Digital Assistant is a key feature of Windows 10 or at least, this is what Microsoft believes and it is also trying to make us believe it, with updates that improve its capabilities.

But with a comparison of Cortana with Google Assistant and Apple's Siri, it seems that the biggest difference Microsoft faces is the lack of a mobile platform.Cortana

Windows 10 Mobile is in maintenance mode and is scheduled to stop being supported in 2019 media. So it is clear that Microsoft should focus all its efforts on transferring the digital assistant elsewhere, to tablets and other devices such as speakers.

In Windows 10, Cortana is still a feature that most do not use, not necessarily because it is not useful, but because a digital assistant on a computer does not make much sense.

Despite the modern touches, many Windows users still see the operating system as a desktop platform to be used with a mouse and a keyboard.
Sure, the touch has developed very late and the digital pen can become more and more important, but there are too many who do not operate their computer with the help of a digital assistant.
A Publication in reddit proves that I am not the only one who believes that Cortana's digital assistant is not the most successful feature of Windows 10.

We should also mention that Microsoft could do more to make Cortana much more useful. Cortana is still available in a few countries, which obviously affects its adoption throughout the world. At the same time, new features are added, but at a rather slow pace, as they are usually made available through the release of new versions of the operating system.

It's no secret that many users already remove the icon from the taskbar and those who do not take it forget that it exists.
What do you say? Does it mean a typical user to operate the Windows digital assistant, or should it only be available as an assistive technology for people in need?


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