Attack a hacker to the Cosco management company! The site was altered!

A hacker attack appears to have taken place a few hours ago on COSCO's management company website, specifically SEP SA.

The state-owned Chinese company Cosco is known to have its subsidiary SEP SA bought the 2 jet and started 1 in October 2009 in order to become the first large-scale terminal in Greece. The company is fully controlled by COSCO and holds 5 the world leader in freight management companies. screened by the Greek media about its use as a transit center for multinational IT companies.

Despite the investments made by Cosco Chinese investors, it seems that the protection of the company's IT systems, especially those available to the public, was almost non-existent. The Indonesian hacker, a member of the Gantengers Crew with the nickname "d3b ~ x" (who a few days ago had made and attacked a site spoofing in a banking application) seems to be behind the attack on the SEP website.


"D3b ~ x", according to information from foreign websites, has altered the internal link of the site, using a weakness it may have identified in the site's management system. Indonesian hackers also have a website [here]. His weakness allowed him, as we can see from the result, to post his own content on the link [here]

DEB-XScreenshot of the attack you can see next, while until the time these lines were written, the SEP management team did not realize the attack.

It is worth noting that the Gantengers Crew are low-level hackers, lacking the necessary expertise for high-level attacks, and using common tools available to everyone for making site alterations. This makes the impact of the attack even more important, as it appears that little has been done to protect the site from external tampering attacks, while cognitive hackers are getting spoiled and unauthorized access!

The site, although informative for the public, is within the company's infrastructure. It is not clear whether there is an interconnection with internal company systems or is in a demilitarized zone (DMZ). In any case, administrators and IT officers must immediately disable the site and investigate what access malicious hackers have accessed and if they have gained access to internal systems in the organization.

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