COSMOTE cash bonus to first line employees

Extraordinary monetary reward, totaling 1,6 million euros, is provided by the OTE Group to those people of the first line who every day, away from the security of their home, not only come in direct contact with COSMOTE subscribers to cover the needs as long as the crisis from the coronavirus lasts, but also showed all this difficult period zeal beyond and above the height of the circumstances.


The Bonus will be given to over 1.800 beneficiaries:

  • To technicians of the company whose work required daily visits to a client space, home or business, performing the tasks assigned to them with self-denial and professionalism.
  • The staff of the company's stores that remain open in the midst of a pandemic, covering daily the main telecommunications needs of subscribers with dedication and ethos.

The President and CEO of OTE Group, Mr. Michalis Tsamaz, stated:

"We reward our people who, with their excellent professional attitude, proved in practice
that they understand the decisive role of telecommunications in the unprecedented conditions that our country is experiencing.

The people, who away from the security of their home, put the client above all, and stood by him with self-denial to support him in his own personal battle. They deserve a lot of congratulations. They are our heroes of everyday life. As a Group, we will continue to support with all our strength the national effort to emerge victorious from this unprecedented crisis. Until then, from home, better for everyone. "

COSMOTE and its people will continue to be with subscribers and provide them with all the digital equipment they need to be able to communicate, work, learn and have fun while at home. All COSMOTE actions in support of society, as long as the fight against the pandemic lasts, are published in www.cosmο / apotospiti.

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