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Last week I decided to transfer 4 mobiles and a fixed Fiber connection to Cosmote from Nova. I made an agreement over the phone with the offers department (around 100 euros per month, all unlimited with fiber 100 or a fixed connection) and waited for the process to proceed.

We agree on the amounts, they put me in and I sign digitally for the fixed line, and they put the connection in my house. At the same time, I am waiting for the 4 new cards for mobile phone connections to arrive by courier.


This is where the adventure begins: I learn that in order to activate the mobile phones I will have to pay a 440 euro guarantee!!! I should mention that no one had mentioned the guarantee to me when I was informed by the offers department.

I froze the process and told them to take the fixed back as well if they don't remove the 440 and don't dare to cut a fine for the two years of fixed that I signed and I will stop
After that, several attempts were made to contact me to see what was going on. I'm still waiting for a reply. No one knows who decided the bail amount and why.

Finally and after many attempts I talk to the mobile department and they tell me that I don't owe anything from previous connections. The customer service person on the phone also looked into the landline department to tell me what I already knew, I have no past account balances to justify the warranty charge.

In the phone calls I made since last Tuesday they initially said that I would get the 440 back when I left Cosmote, and in the following days that I would get it back after a month.

A serious company (supposedly) in the years 2023 denies 4 new connections to its network, in a unique way for Greek data. Have you ever had a carrier ask for a mobile guarantee to get you on their network?

All the above conversations are recorded, and if anyone from "the company" is interested, they can contact me and I can give them more evidence, which proves that they are completely unhaunted.

If they had mentioned from the beginning that they were asking for a guarantee, I would have immediately stopped the process. But no one mentioned anything before I put the first signature.

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Written by giorgos

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  1. If anyone knows, let me know, because cosmote has driven me crazy. April 21 I renew my contract with cosmote (offer from the holiday department) 2 prepaid card contracts at 15 euros per number and device subsidy at 192 euros per number for 2 years, on December 22 I went to the app to see when the contracts expire and I see that the contracts will automatically renew 23/04/23 with an expiration of 23/04/2025.
    I contacted 13888 countless times and they informed me that I had requested a pre-renewal of contract (not valid) and that the balance of 15 euros per number from April will cost 34 euros per number for the same program and even though I informed that the contract I have in My email does not mention such duration or prices, their response was that they understand my dissatisfaction but nothing can be changed.
    With the information I had from conversations (through the app) and the contracts, I filed a complaint with EETT on 14/2/23 and on 20/3/2023 they opened my subsidies as it should have been done from the beginning and this is where the madness begins!!!
    On 21/3/2023 because the subsidies were lousy I made a request to convert the numbers to mobile cards and they called me from the holiday department (I have kept the employee's details) and they made me a counter offer, namely both numbers on cosmote gigamax 5gb 11.98 Euros per number and a device subsidy of 120 per number and after I informed them what had happened and made him tell me the offer 3 times, I agreed.
    The next day 22/3 I entered the application to see the offers and instead of 11,98 it showed 18,66 the fixed and after calling countless times and asking to speak to the same employee to listen to the conversation to speak to someone in charge anyway took me late
    the same employee on 24/3 to humbly apologize to me because he made a mistake with the offers and that the best he can do is
    in the same programs with a fixed 35 euro per number 190 euro subsidy and of course I refused and made another complaint to EETT.
    I'm sorry for the sheet but I really can't understand I fell in case it's their tactic to make people suffer, did I do something wrong?
    Thank you

  2. It happens to me often with VODAFONE, when I have already paid and owe nothing, after three days!! or even a week!!, to send an automated message to pay my bill. To my question why they are TERRIFYING me when I have already paid and owe nothing (because I run TERRIFIED to check if there was a mistake with the payment), the answer is that their system is to blame. This happens almost every month. As soon as I pay and reset, a message comes saying to go and pay!!!!

    As far as annoying offers, VODAFONE keeps annoying you with "offers" for upgrades. They take whatever time it is, they have become head hunters. I live and work abroad which has a time difference. Last time I had a fight. They demanded that I accept their offer over the phone immediately. Obviously I hung up on him. When they call you, you don't have time to process what they say, whether they are in your interest or not. And especially when they call you during working hours when you are under pressure. That's where they rely. Don't have time to process the information. Only in Greece do these things happen. Here abroad the local company I use has never bothered me. I told them that they have my e-mail to send me the offer to process it and if it suits me I will answer them. They do not agree and require telephone consent on the spot !!!

    Also, when it's time to renew the contract and you tell them to renew with the same benefits because you're satisfied and don't want anything more, they don't accept and give you a new offer with a higher monthly price, resulting in you paying for additional services you don't use. Their tendency is to increase the monthly price every time.

  3. I forgot to mention that due to the unjustified delay of the employee, I missed the deadline for early cancellation of the contract at wind and the ax fell but €60, because they are no better, since they don't even know what they have charged, but I'm waiting for the next one to come out to take out edge.

  4. I recently had a similar experience for an unlimited program with a charger from wind to cosmote, where apart from the tragically long delay until the application was made by the store, because the employee is probably in love and took ten days just to pass the application to system, telling me every day that "tomorrow it will be completed", they finally asked me for a €100 guarantee, because they say they saw in Teiresias that I don't have anything in my name (that's what the employee told me)... I never had previous debts to telecommunications companies, I paid always on time but i owe banks. But these gentlemen are now tying and tying, they have formed a cartel and they tell you if you like us, if you don't, sit without internet.
    Greece 2.0

    • at least you were told they are checking on Teiresias, I'm still waiting. But I don't know if Teiresia's control is legitimate from these companies

  5. I also write about the above comments that unfortunately we live in Greece with telephone lines over 50 years old and the 2 big companies Cosmote and Vodafone are playing ball to do what they want with low benefits and very expensive prices (of which are expensive in Europe) and of course it's all our fault after all...I have complaints mainly from Vodafone (don't analyze them all here) from Cosmote mainly about their prices...which also doesn't seem to be all of them because they don't let them lower their prices as much as they want because that's how it will become a monopoly and there will be no healthy competition (listen listen)

  6. That's how it is when you rack up debts to mobile companies. They don't ask for it (they are deleted after a few years), but if you want to become a customer again, a guarantee is issued.

  7. I'm sorry but I'm going to completely disagree here. I was forced to come to cosmote because in my area I did not have satisfactory internet with Vodafone, where I had all the years immediate service in every problem and always a much cheaper price for landline and mobile. But every now and then they bother to "offer" me an upgrade, as they say. In addition, in the first year until the internet was stabilized, I suffered unimaginably and due to the way the connections were made, I didn't even have a fixed line. And after a supposed upgrade while I pay what was due, until today it has not been done in practice and some time ago they admitted that it could not be done due to the area, but despite constant annoyances on my part the cost did not decrease.

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