Cosmote a company with a systemic problem

Two hours after yesterday's publication "Cosmote a company for pegs”, we were called by Cosmote on's mobile phone.

The girl who called us was very kind and asked us for time to investigate the incident, stating at the end of the conversation that she would contact us again. Yesterday afternoon I received a call from 13888 to say they would call me today.cosmote

Actually today at 12:00 I was called by Mr. Giannikopoulos Efstratios, Head of Cosmote e-Value Offers.

The news was good, initially, Mr. Giannikopoulos apologized for the inconvenience and offered me the immediate transfer of the 4 numbers from NOVA to Cosmote, without paying any guarantee.

Along with this, as a practical apology he mentioned that the first two months of the service will be free.

I accepted the offer, but I had one question, which was answered very diplomatically. My question was, of course, why I was chosen to pay a 440 euro guarantee since I don't owe anything to the company.

The answer "the mistake was systemic" left me with more questions. Is the system wrong? Who runs the system? Can the system check for debts owed to third parties?

But the question that worries me the most is "What would happen if I didn't have access to write my adventure on a site like" The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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Written by giorgos

George still wonders what he's doing here ...


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  1. You've all gone crazy I think
    They asked me for a 1200€ guarantee
    24 months contract X €80 for three phones = €1920 total fixed assets so 62,5% guarantee

    Someone will give me a guarantee - interest-free loan for 2 years

    I guess you are all very simple


  2. #cosmote

    I applied for a 3rd line transfer from another company to COSMOTE and today they informed me of a €1200 guarantee with no debts

  3. Cosmos for 14 days they have left me without phone and internet I don't owe any bill and their response to daily communication is: yes sir we have given acceleration They give acceleration every day I contact them all our conversations are recorded I am REALLY OUTRAGED WORST COMPANY NOT EXISTS
    In Company mobiles also for renewal they give me an offer and the next day it is not valid and when I ask why they answer me that the prices have changed upwards and I answer them sorry yesterday you gave me a renewal offer and after a day you raise the offer price, are you a stock exchange? And these also recorded

  4. Good evening!
    I did exactly the same process, an hour on the phones to connect 2 mobiles and a landline, we agreed on everything and made an appointment for the contract and sim cards. The courier never showed up, I called them for 2 days and they said they will investigate and call me back. NEVER!! I called them a week later and they told me I have to pay 380 euros for warranty! But no one ever bothered to inform me earlier! And while they told me that the guarantee was issued 48 hours after the first communication, when I called to inform that the courier did not come, they did not bother to tell me! I had to wait 1 week and call again! Worst company ever! Tragic!!!

  5. Logically, you were a bad customer at other companies and that's why they ask you. There is a company that records the credit behavior of subscribers to Greek companies and shares its database with all fixed and mobile companies.

  6. If you weren't iguru and you were any of our average fellow citizens, chances are you were "tubeki" and blowing the 400…
    Unfortunately.. in my humble opinion, there is no systemic problem but an "organized disorganization" (in the most innocent scenario), which favors lawlessness and sleaze.
    In fact, from the moment that no one is "dealing", the position of the powerful is strengthened to literally do whatever he wants, because he simply... can.

  7. Imagine if we were running the OSE.. they will plaster Han too..

    In my case, with the system error…I came from neo…but the app doesn't allow to top up my number and they threw me to what's up…having lost the benefits of the said package

  8. This diplomatic answer "systemic error" is just the easy answer to avoid giving explanations. In theory there is an algorithm that checks in all companies if there is an old balance or some debt anywhere else and if found, the system simply issues a guarantee. Practically now, I have seen many times that this is not the case, that there is no debt anywhere and that their system simply issues a guarantee... Unfortunately, in such cases it is very difficult to figure out..

  9. The term "systemic problem" unfortunately seems to have been established by the customer "service" (rather inconvenience) departments of mobile phone companies, banks, etc. every time they cause moral and/or financial damage to the customer due to their internal malfunctions. Unfortunately, the way justice works in Greece does not allow the citizen to do what he could do in a civilized country, that is, to file a fraudulent lawsuit against them which would be judged quickly and efficiently. To see when the "systemic problems" would be solved (which at the moment, of course, the customer pays for).

  10. Did you read my answer or did you realize that you used to work for a provider and you know everything, losing the essence of what you read (putting 10 question marks does not add anything, on the contrary...)? I worked for a provider when LLU was still in its infancy and have seen them from the inside.

    Even if what you describe happened, someone reported SIM loss instead of me. It was not registered anywhere in the provider; I call and inform that I have no service, wouldn't the request made by someone else on my behalf for a replacement appear? If that had happened, by all means, they would have done well. They would mention it to me and I would say ok, well the interruption was done to avoid the worst. They were looking for it ONE whole week!!! They didn't know the reason the service was interrupted and the conclusion was, you know it's systemic, it's not technical. We don't know a recovery time.

    What you say is good, but unfortunately it does not apply in this particular case.

    PS: It's e-banking, not e-backing

  11. Sit down guys (not everyone).

    Ok, sometimes the companies may not completely satisfy us and it is legitimate to claim our right.
    And when we don't find it, we go elsewhere.
    Shut up, it's a free market.
    Let the serious companies look for it and try not to do nonsense. And if something escapes them, they try to fix it even a second time.

    But even here I see what irritates me in my daily life (I'm a freelancer and every day I have friction with clients):

    – let's make hair hair (even if we win something?)
    – to gargle the fact that some of us are snobs who blow the whistle when it comes up somewhere. And especially something "stars" of the "local star system", see with what audacity they expect you to give them because they honored you by entering your store.

    John spoke correctly.
    And another friend who said something about TELEGNOUS that I've heard and I think I understand what's going on.
    I wish we, the smaller businesses, had it at our disposal when we start working with a "client" who at some point shoots us and we chase to get our money.
    Anyway, I'm a cosmote even though I have a friend with a Vodafone store who gave me an extra subsidy. Because of signal and internet I found my health with cosmote. The service at both companies is nice, they have not done me any wrong.

    These from me.
    Love each other and don't shoot the esteemed pianist (freelancer or employee).
    And don't wear a fez (if you do).

  12. On the occasion of your last sentence "What if I didn't have access to write my adventure on a site like"... I took the courage to describe to you my own suffering imposed on me by cosmote... .with the request that you publish it...may it help me and put an end to this suffering.
    9/1/23 I made a request to nova to change provider.. due to frequent disconnections I had with cosmote on 12/1/23 cosmote counter-offered me ... 2 months Free + €170 gift certificate from the German + lower monthly cost ... which unfortunately I accepted .. staying at cosmote ... and made a withdrawal request at nova
    this is how my own adventure begins... since 17/1/23 I have no landline or internet service while I have repeatedly emphasized to cosmote that I work remotely and my child is doing distance education...
    after daily phone calls to 13888 and 13788 the answer was the same.... sorry for the inconvenience but the problem is systemic we will solve it.. and that nova is to blame..
    So I communicated daily AND with the nova 13700, 13800, begging for a solution... and there the answer was the same, we are not responsible... you are a customer of cosmote, the portability belongs to them... you completed the withdrawal process in our company's file within the time limit our customer appears... at the same time I informed cosmote about it .. the answer was the same sorry for the inconvenience the problem is systemic
    30/1/23 I was outraged by informing them that I no longer wish any cooperation with them...
    and I made a new request to nova...
    3/2/23 I signed the contract and received the router…so I waited for the services I signed up to be activated they told me in 2 days at most they will sort it out…until 13/2/23 and from nova no update new phone hassle starts with nova this time trying to figure out what the problem is...the answer was that cosmote is not releasing the line we are doing what we can..
    contacting cosmote asking for the reason, they replied that we have left the line since 11/2/23 but nova pulled the hook and didn't get the number..?!
    felt like cosmote is holding me informally hostage and punishing me for asking to change provider…
    looking to find where I can make a complaint, I turned to EETT where I made a complaint, communicating it to cosmote...
    .after the complaint cosmote contacted me and in a polite and diplomatic way told me that if I want to have services and keep my phone number I will have to make a new connection with them…. i asked the charges .new connection charges.exit clause..portability charges
    will I charge them??? ...he did me a favor !!!! what will he do that I can get rid of them... I have reservations but... I had to accept because nova told me that he can't do anything because the number belongs to OTE..
    in order not to tire you more until today 23/3/23 I am waiting for the technician who will come to make the new connection....
    .reminds you of something !!

    • I too lost the number from NOVA and in fact I was already NOVA old forthnet!!!!! I just asked for an upgrade!!!!! That's how they just lost him!!!! so I ported to cosmote and in 1 week they connected it.

    • I too lost the number that was in business for 17 years and I was already NOVA from old Forthnet!!!! I just asked for an upgrade!! can you imagine it? ??? so I ported to cosmote and in 10 days I had services again.

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