Cosmote the absurdities of the guarantee (you rent an apartment)

The following text was sent to us by a friend of through his form /your_post.

We found the text quite interesting as reminded us of our own case. rent apartments

Friend DINOS writes:

I have had two Cosmote lines for 40 years, I decided to switch both my mobile phones from Vodafone to Cosmote, I went to the office in Piraeus, they welcomed me very politely, they made me an offer, I accepted, they printed the contract, gave me the sim cards and told me two days they will be ready.

In two days they called me and told me that I have to pay a deposit  € 380.
I was surprised and asked why since I don't owe any provider the answer was we don't know take 13888.

I picked up immediately, they were also surprised and told me to go to the store again, after pointless discussions and communication with the head office they put me on the phone with a lady.

I heard the most absurd things like when you get a loan you don't pay a guarantee? or when you rent an apartment you don't pay a deposit? And to get 13888 again and that's how I became a ball.

From 13888 I was told to wait for a reply.. unknown when… The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns



Written by DINOS

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