Cosmote, Vodafone, NOVA: what is Telegnous?

After my adventure with Cosmote and (thankfully) positive outcome, I decided to investigate the matter further. Why did they ask me for a guarantee since I have no debts to any Greek telephone/internet provider?

So here comes Telegnous, an organization similar to "Teiresia” which records the inconsistent in banking transactions.

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Telegnous started its operation after the positive opinion of the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data, so as it seems the file of the clients is completely legal. Of course, as you will read below, you have the right to be excluded from the Telegnous list, after sending an application and its approval by the service. However, no one informed you about the addition of your name to the list, although they should have.

TELEGNOUS ( is a body established by the mobile electronic communications service providers (Cosmote, Vodafone and NOVA) currently active in the Greek market, with the aim of protecting consumer loyalty and providing optimal services to mobile phone subscribers.

What is the purpose of TELEGNOUS?

The purpose of TELEGNOUS is the establishment and operation of Mrwine file with economic behavior data (consistency) of subscribers - customers (natural or legal persons) of the contracted Providers, so that it becomes possible to check the solvency of the candidate customer either for a new mobile connection or for number portability to another Provider. TELEGNOUS does not handle debt settlement requests and other requests unrelated to it.

What information does TELEGNOUS have about me?

If a customer of a mobile communications company, from among those who will participate in the Agency from time to time, active or disconnected, maintains debts without having made a settlement, the respective company, after informing him in advance, will transmit to TELEGNOUS his data, which are limited exclusively at A.F.M. or A.D.T. or passport/other official identity document number and country of issue (for foreigners), first/last name and category of financial conduct.

Mobile communications companies must inform their entire customer base of contract subscribers regarding mobile communications services about the operation and purpose of the TELEGNOUS file. In addition, they must inform subscribers individually, when they meet the criteria for inclusion in the TELEGNOUS file, regarding their impending inclusion, giving them at the same time a reasonable deadline in order to settle their debts.

Is it possible for TELEGNOUS not to transmit my data to the mobile communication companies?

Yes, there is this possibility as long as you are included in the file and submit to TELEGNOUS "Objection to the processing of personal data". In this case, in any search for your data by another mobile communications company to TELEGNOUS, TELEGNOUS will inform the company that you do not wish the transmission of your relevant data.

According to the "Telegnous" website, the service's files record subscribers who:

  • owe an amount equal to or greater than two hundred (200) euros and which has become overdue for more than ninety (90) days or
  • have any overdue debt and have not paid any bill and are seeking disconnection or transfer to another network through portability. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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Written by giorgos

George still wonders what he's doing here ...


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  1. Of course, you have the option of opting out, but if you see a connection again without being asked for a guarantee (if they do, that is), write to me.

    • Shall we sit quietly - quietly, like little sheep, awaiting the day of our slaughter?

      Should we let every single service-company record us, "remind" us, bully us and generally make our lives miserable, in the name of the interests of anonymous companies?

      My friend, I do not argue with you and I do not oppose you personally. However, I am opposed to the logic of "well, let it be this way so that we can be comfortable, since I have nothing to hide", as if we have to hide our human condition and also the misery in which we have been living for -at least- 13 years.

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