Covid-19 is the mandatory vaccination coming?

On Monday, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave official approval in the vaccine for Covid-19 manufactured by the pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and BioNTech.

You may have already been vaccinated, but millions of Americans (and not only) have not been vaccinated. The vaccines of the two companies mentioned above had an "emergency license" approved in December 2020 by the FDA. pfizer biotech covid 19

But the new license is more than formal.

"If you are one of the millions of Americans who said they would not be vaccinated until they received full and final approval from the FDA, that is what happened," said President Joe Biden when announcing the approval.

And, in the same speech: "If you are a head of business, nonprofit, state or local authority awaiting full FDA approval to request vaccinations, I urge you to do so now."

Almost immediately, many did. Vaccines may be listed as safe, effective, and free, but about 30 percent of Americans have not. The carrots do not seem to have worked. So somewhere here comes the mandatory vaccination.

At the moment, no one in America is pushing like the Pentagon. The Ministry of Defense immediately announced that it would impose the Covid-19 vaccine on more than 12 of its services. Big universities like the UC of California already had orders, but now vaccination is required by more educational institutions: Ohio State, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota.

The city's workforce in Los Angeles and Chicago should also be vaccinated. The new governor of New York announced that he will also impose the vaccines.

If all this leads you to believe that the coronation story is over, now with compulsory vaccinations, American law and public health policy are more likely to oppose coercion.

Mandatory vaccination orders or any orders restricting personal freedoms for the social welfare service are not super legal. Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, may have confirmed this idea two weeks ago but did so very vaguely in response to a lawsuit exercised by students at Indiana University against their school's vaccination order.

Barrett did not uphold the decision of the Court of Appeal based on the decision of a previous trial (Jacobson v. Massachusetts). For this trial there was a decision issued by the Supreme Court in 1905 and gave the OK to the state to require mandatory vaccinations for smallpox.

(By the way, most Americans support compulsory vaccination. Of course, they are divided according to their political views. A study this summer showed that elite Republicans were strongly in favor of vaccines.)

It should be noted here that compulsory vaccinations can provoke reactions against vaccines but also against the authorities, at the corresponding cost.

People are not vaccinated for many different reasons. Certainly some of them have political or philosophical disagreements. Some people do not believe in the science behind vaccines, or endorse conspiracy theories. In any case, the pharmaceutical companies are waiting and rubbing their hands, while politicians are trying to pass the mandatory vaccination with the glove, for less political cost. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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