COVID-19 and masks: do your glasses blur?

Many of us wear masks because of COVID-19. According to experts, the mask is important for public health. But there is a group of people who "suffer" with the mask.

I'm talking about those who wear καθώς θα πρέπει να αντιμετωπίσουν ένα άλλο πρόβλημα: τους φακούς που θαμπώνουν. Όταν φοράτε μάσκα η ζεστή αναπνοή σας χτυπά τη σχετικά δροσερή επιφάνεια των γυαλιών, και το αποτέλεσμα είναι “ομίχλη”.

Let's see what you can do:

Use a mask with a nose

If your mask does not fit on your nose, your breath will escape and reach your glasses. There are masks that have sewn nose bridges, flexible strips that allow you to bend them and shape them to fit your nose.
The masks fit better and less moisture escapes from your glasses.

Put your glasses on top of your mask

A simple hack: just pull your mask so that the top of it sits higher on your nose and wear your glasses over the mask. Your breath will not go to your glasses.

Use soap and water

If you do not have a special coating on your glasses, you can try washing them with soapy water and then letting them air dry. The idea is that the soap leaves a film that prevents the glasses from fogging. Avoid soaps that contain lotions.

Put a tissue inside the mask

If you stick a folded tissue under your mask on the bridge of your nose, it will absorb moisture.

Buy an anti-blur product

There are many anti-blur sprays available that may be worth trying. We can not guarantee their effectiveness. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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