Covid Free GR - The new focus application

The Covid Free GR application was released today, which will test those who have immunity to covid-19.

covid free gr

The Greek government today launched the Covid Free GR application, for iOS and Android mobile phones, with which shopkeepers (and anyone else) will check if anyone has proven immunity to Covid-19. The application was designed by EDYTE GRNET, a body of the Ministry of Digital Government and you can download from here.

It is free and can be installed on any device using iOS or Android software, it does not require any registration or any other account and with it anyone can want to verify the European Digital Certificates COVID, as well as the Greek certificates of

In essence, the application scans the QR Code of the certificate (requires license of your camera) and decides whether it is genuine or not. After reading the QR Code it shows only the name of the certificate holder as well as the following indications:
Green - means that the holder of the certificate has been vaccinated or has contracted COVID
Yellow - means that the certificate holder has a negative test (rapid or PCR)
Red - means a valid or invalid certificate

According to government announcements, the application does not hold or store temporary or permanent personal data or verification history. For the control and verification of the European Digital Certificates COVID no internet connection is required, while for the Greek certificates it is required.

In our tests, the application has a delay to read the QR Code, at least when it is a Greek certificate and when the internet signal is not good. Our speed tests at noon were quite disappointing while at night things were clearly better.

For those who do not know, according to the Government there are three levels of verification and validity of certificates:
Vaccination - 14 days from the date of the last installment
Disease - Up to 6 months after the first positive test
Rapid test - 48 hours from sample collection (duration counts from 00.01 from the date of sample collection)
PCR test - 72 hours from sample collection (duration counts from 00.01 from the date of sample collection)

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