Violation to cPanel, data was stolen

CPanel Inc. which has built and sold the famous cPanel and WHM server management software, announced a violation of its database held at the weekend.


The data stolen does not concern the end-user but the providers, whether companies or individuals, reselling their products to retail.

Η cPanel Inc. reports that names, contact information, and passwords were stolen. The codes were encrypted.

"Although the current passwords are stored after salt and encrypted, we speed up the transition of our passwords to stronger encryption, in order to minimize the inconveniences. In order to secure the system, it will force all users with outdated password encryption to change their passwords, ”said Aaron Stone, Director of Internal Development at cPaneI Inc.

The company announced its customers about the violation via a blog post but also sent them emails. Credit card details were stored on another server.

If you are dealing with the resale of cPanel and WHM, it's a good idea to change your password immediately.

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