Codes and cryptograms v3 The crypto contest solution

Below will be the solution crypto contest carried out by iGuRu. Congratulations to the winners but also to those who have tried!cryptography

The competition was as follows. We receive the following message in Morse code (Greek characters):
- .-. -.- -.-. -.-. -.-. ... -..- .- .. .-. -.- -. .-. - -. - - - - .. - .-. . ..-. -.- -.-. ..-. .- .. ..-. - .- .- .- .-. ..-. - ... - .. - ... -.-

Morse Code (PDF).

Which is self-encrypted. The key is the surname (in Greek characters as rendered by wikipedia) of a hero of B'PP who was criticized for his controversial nature, but his offer for the end of B'PP was huge.

We made extensive reference to this person here in iGuRu.

Following his instructions Article and by finding the self-key you will be able to decipher the sentence!


The winners

1th winner: Ioannidis Lazaros

2th winner: Akasides Athanasios

3th winner: Thimaras Eleftherios


The competition

The solution

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