The first presentation of the crypto e-mail service Lavaboom

About a year ago (16 / 04 / 2014) we published the closure of Lavabit's encrypted e-mail service, and the announcement of a new Lavaboom.lavaboom

You may remember the adventure of the service Lavabit. If you are not one of those holding down facts, then let's remind you that this company was shut down under the pressure of the NSA to deliver the encryption keys.

For the story, Lavabit, was a secure e-mail service that was supposed to be used by Edward Snowden. After her closing there were publications that wanted her collaboration with her Silent Circle, to create a new secure e-mail service.

Η Lavaboom encrypt user data on the client side and send encrypted emails by default.

The development of Lavaboom began with 2013 and the tests started in April 2014.

During the testing, the developers found that something went wrong with encryption and so they wrote the whole Lavaboom code from scratch.

The good news is that Lavaboom's official Beta testing has begun and that the company seems to have begun to distribute new emails with invitations.

We write this article to introduce you to the new service, since we may be considered by the lucky ones who received one of the company's first invitations.

For the reason the truth from today you can contact us also from

But let's see what the new service offers.

First of all, it is a new German-based company and, as it says, aims to provide a secure e-mail service. Unlike Lavabit, which was a paid service, the Lavabom offers a free 1GB mailbox (currently) protected by draconian security measures.

The service is still in beta, which means that in the future we may see things changing, such as providing extra storage for those who want it, for a paid fee of course.

In the following pictures you can see what the company offers in the free basic plan (beta)

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