Closed another Bitcoin exchange site after online theft

It was a difficult week for Bitcoin and it looks worse. Shortly after the MtGox exchange ended, another Bitcoins trading site stopped working, though it insisted, that it was temporarily closed due to theft.


On Wednesday, this message came to his guests Crypto-Trade, a Bitcoin exchange site located in Hong Kong:

"We discovered a bug in our system that allowed someone to make about $ 30. All coins are safe and we will charge them, so that you are not the losers. will reopen in 000-24 hours when trading will stop. you will be able to withdraw your currencies, in dollars and euros. When all the money has been refunded, the website will be closed for an indefinite period of time (48-2 weeks estimated) in order to check our software and do a security check. We hope that your trust will be maintained, every user will have their money back within the next few days. ”

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