Cryptojacking Try protecting your browser

Cryptojacking is a relatively new threat to the Internet. By the term we refer to websites that exploit the computing resources of their visitors to carry out mining cryptographic coins.

So if you happen to suddenly slow down your computer while the work you are doing does not justify it and your system fans are speeding up in an attempt to cool the device components, something happens… and you have probably fallen victim Cryptojacking. Cryptojacking

That is, someone smart uses your computer resources without informing you…

This is the main issue with cryptojacking: it is done without the knowledge of the users. Various websites load scripts that allow the "smart" page administrator to use your computer resources.

Pages using such scripts obviously do so for monetization. One of the benefits of this latest fashion tendency is that it happens in the background and does not hinder the layout or content of the site.

Of course there are extensions for browsers that hinder these scripts, but there are others which contain them in a hide and work in the background just like the scripts mentioned above.

Opera Software was the first browser manufacturer to offer protection against Cryptojacking in its browser.

Opera Software engineers have created a site you can visit to check if you are protected by new fashion (Cryptojacking).

Visit just the site and click Start. The app will test your browser and show you the results along with the blue button that allows you to download the Opera browser.

Opera Software displays a total of test scores on the site, and 74% of all users are protected by Cryptojacking according to the statistics of the page.

Users using browsers that are not protected and do not want to use Opera can install an extension that protects them from Cryptojacking. They can also use some security software that protects them from these scripts. But they can also disable JavaScript on unreliable pages.

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