Crysis ransomware: decryption keys

Good news for the victims of Crysis ransomware, as 200 has just released key decryption keys to the public.

They were posted to the BleepingComputer forum, and can be used by ransomware victims as well as by security companies to create decryption tools.Crysis ransomware

The keys that went to Pastebin have been confirmed as valid by security researchers. Those who did not use the keys confirmed that they were able to retrieve their files.

Ransomware is a particularly nasty form of malware that encrypts files and locks users out of their system.

To unlock the computer, the victim will have to deposit an amount, usually in Bitcoin, a virtual currency. The ransom can reach thousands of dollars, depending on the victim's profile and the importance of locked files.

Of course, if the victims succumb to extortion and pay the ransom, no one can safely guarantee the recovery of the data.

The surety is that every ransom payment only contributes to the extension of the specific crime.

Those interested in crysis ransomware decryption keys can find them at the following link:

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