At last! Oracle released the patch that corrects the vulnerability of Java

Oracle finally managed to fix the latest vulnerability in Java and released a patch that fixes it. The update named Java 7 Update 11 not only defines CVE-2013-0422 but also a second security issue. The company has not become accustomed to such immediate updates after detecting a vulnerability in its software. It may not be accidental that the news came shortly after the US security directive, proposing that everyone disable the Java application on their computers.

Oracle reports that all of the updates to the latest version of Java for all operating systems are on its first page.
In the words of the company:

Because of the severity of these vulnerabilities, Oracle strongly recommends that you immediately apply the updates.

This update also changes the default Java security level setting from medium to high.

Please note that Oracle vulnerabilities that have just become patched do not apply to standalone Java applications or server-side Java installations. Applies only to applications running through your browser.

Download the update

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