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Business Security: The profile of cyber attackers seems to have evolved over the last few years. Opponents are becoming more and more constant, using new technologies to create and expand their business to increase their impact and financial profits. Business Security

Businesses on the other hand (small and large online businesses that have appeared in Greece) do not seem to have the knowledge that will protect them and mitigate the risks they face. According to HP Enterprise, business security experts, regulators and law enforcement agencies must first understand the cybercrime chain step by step if they want to disrupt the organization of an attack.

Business Security: Below we provide 4 suggestions that will pass your business security to another level if of course implemented.

Reduce the profits of the attackers: Limit the profits each attacker will have. With strong end-to-end encryption, your data will not be worth a hacker, and it will limit its ability to use it. The event will force him to look for easier goals.

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Reduce goals: With the expansion of mobile telephony and the Internet of Things, there has been a dramatic increase in the space that each business leaves in possible attacks. Each company should invest in security in its development processes, and focus on protecting interactions between data, applications and users, regardless of the device for better mitigation of the opponent's attacks. Because the easiest goal is the man man, every business should invest in the training of its employees.

Learn from opponents: There are new technologies such as "fraudulent networks" that provide methods of trapping, tracking and learning from intruders themselves. To protect yourself from hackers you need to think and act like them. Companies can use this information to better protect their actual network, to be able to disrupt similar attacks before they even begin, or to slow down the attackers' progress.

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Contact an expert: We mention it at the end because it is important.
"Cybercriminals are highly professional, highly funded, and working together to launch attacks," said Chris Christiansen, IDC Vice President of Security Products and Services.
The IT of a business that respects itself and its customers could turn to specialized services that can guarantee better protection.

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