Prosecution of Electronic Crime pay attention to new scam e-mails

The Electronic Crime Prosecutor's Office informs citizens about trying to capture personal data of an economic nature by sending deceptive emails

The perpetrators of these messages, which appear to have been sent by a paying agency, prompt recipients to confirm their personal details (credit card number, identity card, passport, ID number etc)

These messages require a lot of attention, as they use payment service organization logos and are very plausiblephishing hack e-mails

The Greek Police's Electronic Crime Prosecution Directorate has announced that a deceitful e-mail message has been sent online over the last period, in which it is reportedly - that it is sent by a paying agency. The aim is to mislead the recipient and catch credit card details and other private and financial privacy data.

In particular, the above emails inform recipients that they have to verify their personal details (credit card number, identity card, passport, tax identification number, security code, etc.). If they respond, these codes and data are used to make unauthorized / illegal financial transactions.

Please note that these messages require great attention because they are extremely plausible. Internet users receiving such emails are advised not to choose the suggested links, not to reply to the messages, not to register and send personal data and credit card information, as they are by no means true, since banking organizations and payment service organizations do not confirm this kind of sensitive financial information by e-mail.

It is recalled that for similar incidents, citizens can contact the Electronic Crime Prosecutor's Office on the following contact details:

  • Telephone: 111 88
  • Sending an e-mail to:
  • Through the application for smartphones with ios-android operating system: CYBERKID.

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