The Electronic Crime Warfare warns Greek users about new Spam

The Electronic Crime Prosecutor's Office informs citizens about sending fraudulent emails (Spam) to a large number of Greek internet users

The perpetrators with these messages inform the recipients that it has been selected is - mail them from global draw a known computer company and have earned a large sum of money.

They then ask the victims to disclose various sensitive personal details and then to pay a sum of money to send them the amount they have allegedly won

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The Greek Police's Electronic Crime Prosecution Directorate informs Internet users that in the last few days there has been an outbreak of misleading emails to a large number of Internet users.

With these messages, unknown actors try to deceive the recipients to get them sensitive personal data and money.

In particular, the above emails inform the recipients that their email has been selected from a worldwide draw of a known computer company and that they have earned a large sum of money.

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Then, if the recipient responds, they ask for sensitive personal information, such as name, home address, telephone number, bank account, photocopy of ID, etc. After receiving the above information, they inform the recipient that, in order to be sent the amount, he must prepay a sum of money, usually of small value, to cover necessary expenses such as taxes, shipping costs, etc.

Please note that these messages require a lot of attention, because in many cases, in order to convince recipients, they use the company logo, names of its employees, e-mail addresses with its name, etc. and appear extremely plausible.

Finally, it is reported that incidents have occurred with the sending of similar emails, which are allegedly derived falsely from other related companies.

Users who receive such emails are being asked not to reply and send personal data and money, as they are by no means true.

It is recalled that for similar incidents, citizens can contact the Electronic Crime Prosecutor's Office on the following contact details:

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