Results of Cyber ​​Europe 2012

The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) is a network of expertise on network and information security for the EU, the Member States, the private sector and the citizens of Europe. ENISA is working with these groups to provide advice and recommendations on good practices in information security.


It assists Member States in implementing the relevant EU legislation by focusing its efforts on enhancing the resilience of Europe's vital information infrastructures and networks.

ENISA seeks to strengthen existing expertise in EU Member States by supporting the development of cross-border teams to improve network and information security across the EU.

About Cyber ​​Europe 2012

4 October 2012, 500 and more professionals from across Europe working in the cyber security sector participated in Cyber ​​Europe 2012, the second pan-European cyber-learning exercise.
Several activities at national and European level aimed at improving the resilience of critical information infrastructures have taken place in the exercise.

Cyber ​​Europe 2012 has signaled a focal point in efforts to enhance co-operation, preparedness and response to cyber-crisis in Europe.

2009, the European Commission adopted a Communication on Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) entitled "Protecting Europe from Cyber ​​Attacks and Large-Scale Disruptions: Upgrading Preparedness, Security and Rehabilitation Capacity" (COM / 2009 / 149). This announcement resulted in the first pan-European cyber-exercise in 4 November 2010. 2010, the European Commission further developed its Digital Agenda for Europe, and 2011 has published the Communication "Achievements and Next Steps: Towards Global Cyber ​​Security" (COM / 2011 / 163).

Cyber ​​Europe 2012 is a wider, more complex and larger-scale continuation of these efforts.

Cyber ​​Europe 2012 has three goals:

1. Test the effectiveness and scalability of mechanisms, processes and information flows within the framework of cooperation between public authorities in Europe.
2. Explore the possibilities for cooperation between stakeholders from the European public and private sectors.
3. Identify the shortcomings and challenges of more efficient handling of large-scale cyber-incidents in Europe.

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