Cyber ​​Security: A Different Viewpoint

Cyber ​​Security: Companies are much more likely to be attacked by low-level criminals than by specialized government-backed hackers. This means you can stop the scammers and protect your systems by following some basic cyber survival tips.

One of the steps in this direction is the assumption that IOT's computers, smartphones and devices have vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit.

Cyber ​​Security

However, instead of targeting an ideal and complete bulletproof system, IT security professionals should ensure that exploitation of these vulnerabilities will cause as little damage as possible.

"The reality is that the things we buy, the things we develop, have vulnerabilities that, in order to overcome them, we need to develop systems to manage harm rather than vulnerability," said Ian Levy, its technical director. National Cyber ​​Security Center, a unit of her GCHQ (the corresponding NSA of the United Kingdom).

Cyber ​​Security Let's talk about security companies


Part of the problem, he told CRESTCon & IISP Congress security in London, is that cyber security companies are raising fears of national attacks. Most companies, however, are unlikely to encounter one.

"Most of the attacks we see are carried out by ninja cyber monkeys," he said.

This kind of approach leads individuals and businesses to solve a problem that is not necessary. Trying to prevent major state attacks, it is very likely that the real threats of lower-level hackers remain unanswered.

"We take responsibility there when we do not understand the problem and do not know what to do. "We need to understand and prioritize the threat we are trying to address," said Levy, who said honesty (implied by security companies) was needed to identify the attackers. Most are low-level hackers and not the so-called 'advanced persistent threat' groups backed by governments.

"Top hackers use very high-tech methods, but they are the exception."

Cyber ​​Security Which advice and from where?


"The reality is that the advice we give is tremendous," said Levy, referring to the cybersecurity industry as a whole, which recommends the use of long, complex, passwords, regular password changes, while preventing people to use password managers. ”

Cyber ​​Security


"This is stupid advice - let's stop giving stupid advice," he said, calling on security companies to "stop the mystery of cyber security" and help people make better decisions to protect themselves with evidence and helpful advice. .

Regarding government attacks, Levy said: "there is not much you can do about itAnd urged companies and individuals to focus on ensuring low-level attacks and minimizing damage.

"You do not have to worry about government attacks, the majority of cyber victims are ransomware, and script-kiddies."


Cyber ​​Security Close

Let's say that although we were expecting it from a GCHQ employee (as many of those he said are in favor of his department dealing with bypassing each Cyber ​​Security), his rhetoric has a basis.

We absolutely agree that security companies are terrifying the world for profit, and that there are tips they do not deserve.

For example, what GCHQ agent told about password managers. A fixed advice we often give from this page is to stay away from online password managers.

This does not mean that I do not use a password manager…

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I use but not online. KeePass is free and open source, stores your passwords locally (on your computer) and uses a very powerful encryption.

The only thing that seems to be able to protect us at the moment is reading (knowledge) and critical thinking. Think about what lies behind every piece of information you read on the internet…

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