CYBERKID Teleconferences on secure internet surfing

The Electronic Crime Prosecutor's Office is successfully conducting teleconferencing at schools in the country on safe internet surfing. Teleconferences are held under the CYBERKID and μso far, teleconferences have been held at 1.313 schools across the country


The Electronic Crime Investigation Directorate, as part of the implementation of the program CYBERKID to safely navigate students on the internet (Relevant from 25-09-2014 Press Release), performs interactive teleconferencing in school units, across the country, every Tuesday and Thursday.

The program is implemented by the Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection and the Greek Police in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.

The first teleconferencing took place on 25 September 2014 and to date they have attended 1.313 teleconference schools across the country.

Schools participating in teleconferencing are invited through the "" system of the Pan-Hellenic School Network and are thus part of the teleconferencing.

During teleconferences, presentations are made by the Head of the Electronic Crime Prosecutor's Office and specialized officers, using audiovisual equipment. More specifically, the themes that are being developed are:

• The mission of the Electronic Crime Prosecutor's Office.

• The purpose of organizing teleconferencing.

• Offenses and the way they are committed through the internet, as well as prevention practices.

• Online violence, the dangers of social networking sites and, in general, the prevention and management of risks associated with new technologies.

• Statistics on the penetration of Greeks online and the cases that the Electronic Crime Prosecution has to deal with.

During the presentation, a competent teacher from each school collects questions from the pupils they send via the chat system and instant chat. The questions are answered, during the videoconference, by the Specialized Officers of the Electronic Crime Prosecutor, who make the presentation.

The briefing will continue in all the schools of the country in the next few years, in the same way so that all pupils will be informed all over Greece next April. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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