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Cybrary: We often receive queries via e-mails about how to hack someone's Facebook account, or how to become a hacker, or how to penetrate the neighbor's wireless network, or how to commit violations to computers, routers etc. .

Cybrary Hacking and Cyber ​​Security Training Cybrary

These are some of the most common questions that come to us and in this article we will try to answer, with a solution on how to start as a beginner hacker. Before we begin, let us first say that you can not learn anything without reading. And after reading, reading again, along with reading… The next thing we need to clarify is:

Τι είναι το Ethical Hacking;

Most people want to learn hacking just for fun to break their friend's Facebook or Gmail account and make fun of them. Remember, Hacking is a skill and violations of personal data are being prosecuted by law. If you were here for the above reasons, unfortunately the solution below does not do for you.

Ethical Hacking tests IT systems for good purpose and for improving technology and security.

Ethical Hackers are essentially computer security experts and researchers focusing on penetration testing to discover weaknesses in a client or organization's systems.

One way to become an Ethical Hacker is to take security classes from any university that teaches computer science courses or subscribe to some online computer courses.

If you are wondering what you will gain by participating in cyber security training, then we are telling you that you are increasing your chances of finding work.

Either as a network administrator, as a cyber security professional or a network, or as a web application security expert or even as an online freelancer.

Foreign governments, as well as most organizations and businesses that take their security seriously, mostly hire penetration testers and ethical hackers to help them improve the security of their networks, applications, and other systems with the ultimate goal to prevent future data theft or fraud.

With the rapid growth of online systems, not only as a number but also as a constantly changing and growing environment, digital forensics and online piracy is an incredibly fast-growing job.

The negative thing is that if you want to learn hacking and cyber security, you have to spend a huge amount of money in order to be able to enter the site (unless you are a miracle!).

Usually, those who are interested spend a lot of euros in order to learn about cyber security, network security and to certify their skills.

But there is one free solution. The offers free online IT (Information Technology) and Cyber ​​Safety Training.

According to their website, Cybrary's people provide a new revolutionary training program designed for those looking for an IT career and cyber security, as well as for developers and technology specialists who want to develop their skills.

The lessons you provide cover almost everything for an IT and anything to do with cyber security and the most basic is free.

You can take a look at the list of courses offered by Cybrary:

Security +
Computer forensics,
MCSA, Linux +,
CCNA and Networks +
Mechanics of Social and Tricks
Python for professional security systems
Malware analysis
Metasploit and advanced penetration tests
Ethical Hacking and more.

If you decide to enter cyber security, we think it is worth trying with a free program like Cybrary.

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