DaaS or device-as-a-service Microsoft shortly

DaaS or device-as-a-service: 14 January of 2020 will be last security update day for Windows 7. According to Microsoft estimates, there are still 184 million devices (from April 2018 and outside of China) with Windows 7, while 64% of the age of these devices is over five years old.

For Microsoft's partners and for the company itself, that means profits… incredible profits. Why;

The end of Microsoft's support in an operating system means more opportunities for partners and the company itself to provide operational change packages, or to provide a bunch of other services.

Meanwhile, the way computers are available is changing. Until 2020 (yes coincides with the Windows 7 support expiration time), 30% of all computers will be acquired via DaaS or device-as-a-service packets, such as they said Microsoft executives last week.

DaaS is the term used to lease a subscription-based computer that will coexist with other services. The term "Microsoft Managed Desktop" will be used for company devices.

During the Inspire conference, Microsoft executives often mentioned the idea that resellers should not just sell Windows 10, but devices running the operating system, according to ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley.

With the DaaS approach they will be able to create an entire platform to lease new Windows 10 computers to their customers.

Microsoft has presented to its partners a slide that describes the approach of DaaS.

The three key elements are a "modern" commercial device, which means a device that uses Microsoft 365. The device's cloud management, and a "modern" pricing, that is, a continuous renewable lease.

These three elements could be combined into a single monthly account per user, said Steve Jensen, Microsoft Senior Partner Solutions Manager

Jensen reported a study by Forrester Research for Microsoft, according to which the company's partners could earn gross profits over $ 100 per user per year.

Some companies have already adopted the DaaS approach. HP, for example, offers DaaS for Windows and Apple devices,while Dell offers various PC-as-a-service options.

Download Power Point "Modern Desktop" pilots.

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