Damn Small Linux 2024-rc5

Damn Small Linux was a business card sized (50MB) live CD Linux distribution based on Debian and Knoppix.

After a 12-year hiatus (from 2012 to 2024), the Damn Small Linux (DSL) project has started again.

damn small linux

The distribution is now based on the Debian and antiX distributions (linux 5.10.188) with the aim of being placed on live media of 700MB or less (so that it can also be used on CD-ROM drives).

Despite its small size, it strives to have a functional and easy-to-use desktop. Damn Small Linux has an almost complete desktop suite, including 3 browsers, office software, email client, PDF viewer, media players and FTP/SFTP client.


DSL's new goal is to pack as many desktop applications as possible into an image small enough to fit on a single 700MB CD.

This project is intended to service older computers to continue to be useful in the future.

Such as he says the project developer, this idea matches his values. He sees this project as his way of keeping unusable hardware out of landfills and littering the planet.

This release is i386 compatible.

Download Links:

dsl-2024.rc5.iso <– cdrom version dsl-2024.rc5.iso.md5.txt dsl-2024.rc5.lz4.iso <– lz4 lower compression version dsl-2024.rc5.lz4.iso.md5.txt

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