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You've heard of the Dark Web. The dark web, a mysterious part of the internet that is not for everyone. You've probably heard this.

What is the Dark Web and who is using it? Get ready to discover some of the biggest pages on the Dark Web.Dark Web

Dark Web vs. Deep Web

Before you know what the Dark Web is, it's important to know what makes it different from its older brother, the Deep Web.

We have already talked about the Deep Web, and we have already mentioned that the Dark Web and Deep web. are two terms that are often confused with each other. The Deep Web refers to anything on the web that cannot be found using a search engine. This includes emails from your Gmail account, instant messaging on social media and even your Facebook photos that you have marked as "private".

The Dark Web, however, is just a piece of the Deep Web. Unfortunately, the Dark Web's responsible for the Deep Web's bad reputation. There are markets that sell illegal substances, illegal images, IDs, weapons, etc. Almost anything illegal can be found.

At the same time, the Dark Web contains a lot of useful information. It's worth exploring (carefully), you just need to know what you are doing.

Before you dive into the Dark Web

To access sites that are not available on the so-called superficial web, you will need to have two basic things: a VPN and a Tor browser.

We recommend using the VPN before visiting a Dark Web page. Then you can start Tor Browser.
Download Tor, and select a VPN from their list free services we have published. Tor Browser is a browser designed to help you access sites that end in .onion.

Before connecting, however, disable JavaScript, close any other application that you have on your computer and cover with a webcam sticker.

Before you continue, watch what you click.

But let's look at some important websites

The Hidden Wiki

Onion URL: http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

When you first start the Tor browser, you will not immediately see a .onion page. The application provides you with a more secure (encrypted) way to access the normal web. To visit a .onion site now, you need to know its address. There are several ways to find active .onion websites. One of them is The Hidden Wiki.

Dark Web will remind you of the old days of the Internet (if you've got it). You can browse through site directories, and the Hidden Wiki is one of them. Here you will find a variety of links to different sources in the dark web. Hidden Wiki is a good starting point for both young and old dark web users.


Onion URL: http://scihub22266oqcxt.onion/

We have spoken and previously for the Sci-Hub. It is a platform that circulates scientific knowledge from around the world. In the Sci-Hub you will find about 50 million research papers that you can access for free. 2011 was founded by Alexandra Elbakyan from Kazakhstan.

In this way, those who want to read and search bibliography without having the necessary money can access the scientific knowledge of the whole world.

Are you a scientist? Do you need information about your research? Do you think that knowledge must be free and accessible to all? Sci-Hub is the right place for you.


Onion URL: http://7rmath4ro2of2a42.onion/

SoylentNews is a news aggregation site where you can not only read and discuss news about science, politics, technology, and more. The site is run by volunteers and driven by the community. Users can submit and edit news and posts.

SoylentNews offers a news search platform and offers free, uncensored discussions. Protecting the freedom of the press and speech is the main goal of the page.


Onion URL: https://www.propub3r6espa33w.onion/

ProPublica is probably the first major news source to launch a version of its Dark Web page on 2016.

ProPublica is a non-profit news organization that aims to "expose abuses of power and betrayals of public trust by government, businesses and other institutions, using the ethical power of investigative journalism."

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Why did she go to the Dark Web? According to ProPublica, the main reason is to provide its readers with an anonymous way of browsing.

Do you still fear Dark Web?

The dark web is not necessarily a place you are in danger. With some precautions and if you know where you're going and what you're looking for, you can enjoy the content and anonymity that the Dark Web offers its users.


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