DARPA HELLADS the new laser weapon system

The US Department of Defense's Advanced Defense Research Programs or DARPA, announced that the testing of a new laser beam gun has been successfully completed.DARPA HELLADS

The new weapon system will be tested further this summer in real-world conditions in New Mexico. The objectives of his tests will be ground or aerial (rockets, artillery missiles, vehicles, etc.).

The HELLADS program from the original High-Energy Liquid Laser Area System was developed by General Atomics, in collaboration with DARPA.

Unlike other directional power guns, HELLADS units can be powered by lithium-ion batteries, which makes it possible to place them in vehicles and aircraft.

The goal of the HELLADS project was to create a 150 kilowatt laser that would weigh under 750 pounds, and its size would be less than 3 cubic meters.

In mid-April, the contractor DARPA, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA-ASI), presented the HEL 3 generation laser. It exactly meets these size specifications and is equipped with a generator that allows the production of 75 with 300 kilowatts.

Developers believe they can fit into GA-ASI's new Avenger drone. The drone's Jet engine reaches enough energy to charge the laser battery in flight. So it will essentially be a weapon without ammunition as reported by RT.

DARPA's ultimate goal is to incorporate the new weapon system into ships, land vehicles, small or larger aircraft,

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According to DARPA, the new weapon system is ten times smaller and lighter than today's lasers of the same power.

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