Darts: Moving goal always finds center !!

It has been a long time for us to see a way of deceiving the Darts, the darts known to us all. How would you feel if you dropped the dart with your eyes closed and you just found the center of the target with each shot?

Hmm, not exactly so because there are preconditions but the idea is this. Darts

YouTuber Mark Rober has introduced a portable mechanical target wall mount that will help you find the center even with your eyes closed.

The target is mounted on a plate that allows it to move smoothly, with a little help from small motors on a glass surface. Six infrared cameras detect the movement of the arrow and gently move the target to "catch" the center automatically.

Let's look at the premise:

The device will not work if you drop the arrow on the neighbor's wall, or in the next window. The moving target will not be able to do anything to help you.

Since you are good enough to find even the end of a goal, this goal will not disappoint you as you will see in the video below.

How To Become A Darts: See the amazing video

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