Dassault Systemes 3D system depiction of World War II

Its engineers Dassault Systemes in France, they rebuilt World War II constructions and equipment using virtual reality technology.

Dassault Systemes
Dassault Systemes

The effort has not been made in the context of creating a video game, as has been the case in recent years, but in an attempt to rescue the historic memory of the Passover in Normandy, from which the liberation of France and the whole of Europe began. More specifically this year, since 6 in June completes 70 years of the "Overlord" operation.

The thirty engineers who worked on this project managed to recreate some of the most representative samples of the equipment used by the Allies in 6 June 1944. These are Waco type gliders, Higgins or LCVP (Landing Craft Vehicle, Personnel) and the Mulberry artificial pier.

The representations were based on original designs from the time of the Second World War, which required extensive research in museums and institutions. Indeed, one of the team's engineers described the attempt to locate their typical "archaeological" work because of the difficulty of locating the original designs.

The material created by Dassault Systemes can be viewed on a standard computer screen, via an Oculus Rift virtual reality set, or in a dedicated virtual reality room.

However, as Dassault Systemes vice president and XNUMXD imaging expert Mehdi Tayoubi points out in Venture Beat, it is preferable to use the Oculus Rift as it combines the benefits of low-cost virtual reality technology with the creation and use of similar halls.

It is worth mentioning that the Higgins vessels were used to transport personnel to the Normandy coast during the first waves of the descent, while Waco was used to carry airborne forces behind German lines the night before the descent. Both are characterized by the most rare systems of that period.

Finally, the Mulberry artificial pier was in fact a "navigable" harbor for the transport of supplies and personnel to the coast, since no natural harbor had been occupied in the first weeks after the landing. His construction was a real miracle of engineering at that time, while his remains are now on the seabed of the Normandy coast.


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