David Bowie has been applied to mobile phones

The famous musician David Bowie, three years after his death, has come as a mobile application, based on the exhibition "David Bowie Is" held in 2013 at the V&A Museum.


For the birthday of the famous musician David Bowie, which is today on January 8, but also for the anniversary of his death, which is in two days on January 10, the company Sony Music has released an application for Apple and Android phones, where it presents The exhibition "David Bowie Is" which started in 2013 at the V&A Museum, then traveled around the world and ended last year in New York.

Through the application you can explore the full exhibition "David Bowie Is", in stunning detail, through your home and without overcrowding. Includes more than 400 high resolution photos of David Bowie costumes, sketches, handwritten lyrics, artist notes, 38 songs, 23 music videos and more.

The app uses augmented reality, so it requires access to your device's camera and microphone. You can download it from iTunes or from Google Play



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