16-year-old teen throws DDoS 444 school websites

Japanese police prosecuted last Wednesday, March 11, a sixteen-year-old boy who carried out DDoS and took down 444 school websites in the Osaka area, according to the Japan Today.ddos

His name was not published by the police, as he is still a minor. But the authorities claim that last November, a DDoS attack was launched against the Osaka Education Administration server.

The server contained all the websites of the regional institutions, which fell after the attack. Overall, the managed to shoot 444 , middle and high schools of the Osaka area.

The teenager told the police that he wanted to throw only his school website and did not know that other school websites would be affected.

Seeing that the school's website did not load on his phone, and happy with his success, the child started more attacks later. Most of them lasted about an hour.

“I hate how teachers talk to us and we can't express ourselves. So I thought the attack would remind them of their own helplessness. It was good to see that they have . I did it several times," the teenager told police.

After the investigation, the police seized his computer and filed a case. So the teenager now faces up to three years in prison along with one which reaches 500.000 yen ($ 4.500).

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