DDoS attack throws New York Times, Reddit, Twitter, Spotify & eBay

A very big attack DDoS hit hundreds of websites today, including: New York Times, Reddit, Twitter, SpotifyAnd eBay.

The attack actually focused on Dyn, a New Hampshire-based company that offers a platform for optimizing online web performance.ddos

The service includes control and tracking application tools, traffic analysis and re-traffic infrastructure, ensuring that end-users are not affected by slow response times.

Dyn's DNS service serves as a bridge between the names domain and addresses IP.

Η DDoS The attack, which took place earlier today, was aimed at "disrupting" the service with a flood of data to cause the network to shut down, which was mainly felt on the East Coast of the United States from 11 a.m. UTC, although the Dyn says that the service was restored at 13:20 UTC.

Attacks DDoS have seen a significant increase in recent years, as there are reports showing an increase of up to 125 percent between 2015 and 2016.

Of course large companies very often experience such attacks from hackers seeking to either get a message across, or become known and advertise their skills or tools.

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