Debian 10 buster announced Transition freeze

The Debian project developer team he said the freezing of Debian 10 buster. What does this mean;
Since January 12, developers have stopped accepting new changes requests, and are working to meet the demands that have been made to move forward in the next stages of development.Debian 10 buster

So, according to the developers' announcement, the development of the upcoming Debian will follow the following stages:

2019-01-12 Transition freeze
2019-02-12 Soft freeze (no new packs, no returns, no 10 changes)
2019-03-12 Full Freeze

As for the official release date:

"We do not have a fixed release date, but with the growth rate of previous releases, it is likely that the release date will be sometime in mid-2019. We certainly hope to improve the duration of Full freeze, and you can help with that by ensuring be prepared for these dates, "the Debian development team said in a statement.

More details about the changes we will see during release freeze are available in our upcoming freeze policy.

1: / freeze_policy.html




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