Debian 12 Bookworm is coming on June 10, 2023

Debian is one of the most popular and widely used Linux distributions in the world. It is known for its stability, and its security. Debian is a very good choice for developers, system administrators and Linux lovers.

I have been using Debian for many years, both on my personal computers and on the servers I manage.

debian 12

The Debian Linux project has therefore announced the release date of the next version, Debian 12. Debian 12, codenamed Bookworm, will be released on June 10, 2023.

Until then, Debian 12 will remain available as “Debian Testing” and can already be installed and tested on workstations, notebooks, servers and embedded devices.

We should mention that the upcoming Debian 12 will also contain non-free firmware!

After a discussion among Debian Developers in 2022, Debian 12 (Bookworm) will be the first official Debian release to contain non-free firmware. This will make it easier for users who have computers with new hardware to install Debian without compatibility issues.

Here we should mention that this particular distribution is not considered "easy", as it needs some settings that it does not do automatically. But if you manage to set up your system you can just forget about it and it will run smoothly.

Some highlights

  • New Debian Installer
  • Non-Free firmware in Installer
  • Linux kernel 6.1 LTS and PipeWire by default
  • Updated desktop environments – Plasma 5.27, GNOME 43.3, Cinnamon 5.6, and Xfce 4.18
  • Completely updated system versions, server, and client apps such as Wayland 1.21, Mesa 22.3, MariaDB 10.11, PostgreSQL 15, Redis 7.0, NVIDIA 525.89 driver, Firefox 102.9esr, Thunderbird 102.9, LibreOffice 7.4.5, LibreOffice 7.4.5, and so on.
  • Completely updated developers tool stack: OpenJDK 17, Python 3.11, PHP 8.2, Ruby 3.1, Rust 1.63, etc. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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Debian 12 Bookworm

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