Debian 9.7 Stretch: Available the seventh point release

The Debian Development Team has released the seventh point release of Debian 9. In the new Debian 9.7, all the latest patches are included, as well as a security update that fixes recently detected APT vulnerability.

So if you have already installed Debian 9 then you do not have to download any of the new ISO, just update your system.Debian 9

Both Debian and Ubuntu have released new versions of APT in all their supported distributions, but the Debian Project has decided to release a new ISO for Debian GNU / Linux 9.7 Stretch.

"The Debian Project announces the 7th update of the Debian 9 distributed distribution (codename stretch), which incorporates the latest security update for the APT, to ensure that all new stretch installations will not be vulnerable," she said. announcement of the new version.

Download the new ISO DVD (torrent links)

Live ISO (torrent links)

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