Debian 9.9 Stretch: Available the ninth point release

The Debian Development Team has released the ninth point release of Debian 9. The new 9.9 version includes all the latest patches, but also all the recently discovered security updates.

So if you already have the 9 version, or any of the previous point releases, then you do not have to download any of the new ISO, you can just update your system.Debian 9

Distribution developers have provided a long list of bugfixes that fixes the ninth point release along with a bunch of security updates. So they decided to release a new ISO for Debian GNU / Linux 9.9 Stretch.

Read all changes.

ISO news comes to help everyone who wants to install the distribution from scratch so that they do not need to install a bunch of updates after installation.

"The Debian Project announces the 9th update of the Debian 9 fixed distribution (codename stretch), which incorporates the latest security updates to ensure that all new stretch installations are not vulnerable," says announcement of the new version.

Download the new ISO DVD (torrent links)

Live ISO (torrent links)



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