Debian Installer Bullseye RC2 has been released for testing

The second candidate version of Debian Installer for the upcoming 11.0 Bullseye is available for anyone interested in trying out the new operating system.

Debian is one of the distributions that is always installed on my PC and I have been using it as the main operating system for years.

debian 11 wallpaper

It is one of the most trusted distributions I have ever worked with and it is no coincidence that it is used as a base by hundreds of developers to develop well-known operating systems: see Mint, Ubuntu, MX Linux etc.

Of course I highly recommend it, but it is not for newcomers to Linux. If you are a beginner and find someone to configure your system (drivers) you will not need anything else. You set Debian (like CentOS) once and it just works.

The new Debian Installer Bullseye RC2 comes with the latest version of the Linux Kernel 5.10 LTS, brings an updated list of mirrors, and improvements to properly reinstall GRUB on BIOS systems. This RC also brings many improvements to the GTK toolkit, ensuring that the required user interface width does not fall below 300px.

The trial version of RC2 installer for Debian 11.0 "Bullseye" can be found at new version announcement page.

Also to mention that this weekend, Debian developers announced that the "full freeze" stage for the release of Debian 11 will begin on July 17. This means that the package additions are over, and that from July 17 onwards, the developer team will only deal with improvements to the existing system.

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So it seems that very soon we will see the official announcement of the new Debian 11 operating system.

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