Available Debian ISO Jessie 8.8

Those who use the Stable version of Debian Jessie may have noticed that after their last update their system was upgraded to Debian GNU / Linux 8.8. This upgrade comes with more than 150 bug fixes and security updates.

As reported yesterday, the Debian Jessie update brings a total of 90 security updates and 68 different bug fixesn.

Although the developers announced the update yesterday, they failed to upload the new installation images to the repositories.

Today, however, ISO is there, waiting for any interested person who wants to make a new installation from scratch. Select and download the ISO you are interested in.

Below are links to Live images uploaded to the ftp server of the University of Crete:

MD5SUMS 06-May-2017 15:33 2821
MD5SUMS.sign 07-May-2017 18:16 819
SHA1SUMS 06-May-2017 15:33 3101
SHA1SUMS.sign 07-May-2017 18:16 819
SHA256SUMS 06-May-2017 15:33 3941
SHA256SUMS.sign 07-May-2017 18:16 819
SHA512SUMS 06-May-2017 15:33 6181
SHA512SUMS.sign 07-May-2017 18:16 819
debian-live-8.8.0-amd64-cinnamon-desktop.iso 06-May-2017 13:59 1G
debian-live-8.8.0-amd64-gnome-desktop.iso 06-May-2017 14:02 1G
debian-live-8.8.0-amd64-kde-desktop.iso 06-May-2017 13:58 1G
debian-live-8.8.0-amd64-lxde-desktop.iso 06-May-2017 13:53 965M
debian-live-8.8.0-amd64-mate-desktop.iso 06-May-2017 13:50 1000M
debian-live-8.8.0-amd64-standard.iso 06-May-2017 13:27 418M
debian-live-8.8.0-amd64-xfce-desktop.iso 06-May-2017 13:53 959M

DVDs (you only need to install the first one)

debian-8.8.0-amd64-DVD-1.iso 06-May-2017 15:26 4G
debian-8.8.0-amd64-DVD-2.iso 06-May-2017 15:26 4G
debian-8.8.0-amd64-DVD-3.iso 06-May-2017 15:26 4G

and the address where you will find links to other platforms other than amd64 above:


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