New Debian Jessie 8.8

Debian Jessie 8.8: Those who use the Stable version of Debian "Jessie" may have noticed that after the last update their system was upgraded to the Debian GNU / Linux 8.8 version.

This upgrade comes with more than 150 bug fixes and security updates.

Debian Project today announced the latest stable release of the Jessie 8.8 series, which brings bug fixes and security flaws discovered since the release of the Debian GNU / Linux 8.7 Service Update January of 2017.Debian Jessie 8.8

"This update mainly adds security fixes to the stable version, and some adjustments for serious issues," the statement said.

The release notes, Debian GNU / Linux 8.8 Jessie, report a total of 90 security updates and 68 different bug fixes. So it is important to update your Debian as soon as possible. Of course if you want to make a new installation, you need to download the ISO image you are interested in.

Unfortunately, for the time being, Live ISO or Debian installation images of Jessie 8.8 have not yet been released but we will announce their release with a new release as soon as they appear in the repositories of distribution.

Needless to say, those who use older versions do not have to wait for ISO. Just update your system.

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Debian Jessie 8.8

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