Debian Linux 9 Stretch upgrade immediately

The Debian Project team has announced to users of the Debian GNU / Linux 9 Stretch distribution that they should upgrade their systems immediately. The update upgrades the kernel by fixing two vulnerabilities.Debian Linux 9 Stretch

The new Linux kernel security update is reported to be experiencing the flaw CVE-2018-15471 discovered by Felix Wilhelm of Google Project Zero:

"Google Project Zero's Felix Wilhelm has discovered a flaw in the hash handling of the xen-netback Linux kernel module. "A malicious or buggy work environment can lead to access (usually with increased privileges), denial of service or leaks of information." security announcement published by Salvatore Bonaccorso.

Naturally, the Debian Project Security Team recommends that all users of the Debian GNU / Linux 9 Stretch distribution should immediately update the kernel to 4.9.110-3 + deb9u6.

The update is already available in the main repositories of the distribution. So to upgrade the kernel, open a terminal and type the following command:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get full-upgrade

The new version will replace the 4.9.110-3 + deb9u5 kernel of the previous week, which repaired 18 vulnerabilities.


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