Debian-Ubuntu How to not upgrade a package

How can you not upgrade a package or packages to Ubuntu / Debian Linux? How can you create a package update blacklist using the apt / apt-get command?

Below we will see how we can not upgrade packages using the apt, apt-mark option in Debian or Ubuntu Linux.

The apt-mark method works with installed and uninstalled packages.

We usually run the following two commands to update all packages:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Let's see a list of available updates:

Run the apt command:

sudo apt list –upgradable

Now how can you force apt-get to keep a package named geany using apt-mark

The apt-mark booking option can be used as follows to prevent the package from being automatically installed, upgraded or removed:

sudo apt-mark hold package_name
sudo apt-mark hold geany

Display a waiting list of packages

How to view a waiting list of packages:

apt-mark showhold

Cancel waiting

Do you want to cancel a package you have specified in the list? Try:

sudo apt-mark unhold package_name
sudo apt-mark unhold geany

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