Decrypters for ransomware AtomSilo, Babuk and LockFile

Avast security company today released free decrypters for recovering files encrypted by ransomware AtomSilo, Babuk and LockFile.

The decrypters for AtomSilo and LockFile come in one application due to the similarities between the two ransomware.
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"Both AtomSilo ransomware and LockFile are similar and except for minor differences, this application covers both." he says Avast on her blog.

Avast said they managed to crack the ransomware encryption system and create the decryptor using information shared by Jiří Vinopal, a security researcher at RE-CERT, who posted on Twitter earlier this month that he had discovered a way to crack the ransomware. AtomSilo encryption and had already created a proof-of-concept decrypter.

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On the other hand, the decoder for Babuk is coming in a separate application.

Avast said it created the decrypter using the source code of the original Babuk ransomware, which was shared on a Russian-language forum in early September.

In a tweet today, Avast reports that the source code contained decryption keys for older victims.

Thus, the decoder only works for older Babuk victims who have encrypted files with .babuk or .babyk file extensions.

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