Deepfake: All threatening scenarios

The 3 threatening scenarios

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), ο number of deepfake videos on the internet is increasing against about 900% annually. Many cases of fraud deepfakes have done very known, with reports for harassment, retaliation and attempted fraud with cryptocurrencies. She the time, Kaspersky researchers shed light on the top three scams that are based into a deepfake and which you should watch out for.


The use of neural networks and deep learning ("deep faking") allowed to users into a and its staff the world to are based in pictures, videos and sound for to create realistic videos in which the person in the upcoming years, while the body is digitally forged that to they look alike with different atom. These fake videos and images are often used for malicious purposes like the dissemination of false information.

Economic scam

The Deepfakes they can same to you to be used for social engineering, where malicious users they are pretending celebrities and manipulate images to drag away victims at "traps" their. For example, a fake video of Elon Musk promising high returns from one unstable cryptocurrency investment scheme went viral last year, resulting in victims her of fraud to lose money. For the creation such deepfakes, malicious users use celebrity footage or combine old videos in the upcoming years, while promise to double up by any chance payments encryption που will receive, transmitting the live into a platforms social networking.

Pornographic deepfakes

Another use of deepfakes is to invasion in private life of people. Deepfake videos can be created adding This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. face of a person in a pornography video for to cause harm and discomfort. Once were released online deepfake videos in who This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. face one celebrity was being placed above on body one actor or actress που appeared into a a pornographic video. Ως result, into a they The cases, the victims που they accepted attack they drifted off in the upcoming years, while the rights they were violated.

Entrepreneurs risks

The deepfakes are used often even for entrepreneurs aims, such as blackmailing executives companies in the upcoming years, while η industrial espionage. For example, there is a well-known case where cybercriminals they cheated with success a bank manager in the United Arab Emirates and they stole 35 million dollars USA using deepfake sound. They managed to create a persuasive deepfake simply making a short recording his boss's voice employee. In an other case, a crook tried to cheat Binance, the biggest platform cryptocurrencies. The strains of Binance they were surprised when they started to they receive thank you messages for meetings Zoom at which not had participate never. For first time, ο crook he could to create a deepfake using pictures of of the same που it was available on Internet, The which he then used in one online meeting for to speak for of the stem.

In general, scammers who exploit deepfakes trying to manipulate the common opinion misinforming, intimidating or even spying their people- according with The warnings of the FBI, the managers human resource's is already wary across to candidates applying for remote positions of work using deepfakes. In the case of Binance, the attackers will they could to create a deepfake using the picture one person from This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. Internet in the upcoming years, while to add even the photo his of person on resume their note. With him the way, will they could to cheat This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. staff human resource's and, if later they managed to receive one special offer work, they could to steal data for the employer.

I will must same to you be aware that deepfakes is a very costly form fraud and, as a from thereof, they require high funding. Previous Kaspersky research revealed the types of deepfakes sold on the darknet and their costs. If ο average user found simple software on the internet and try to create a deepfake, the Results it can to is non realistically. Few people will they were buying a bad deepfake quality, with overdue expressions person in the upcoming years, while blurred jaws.

Therefore, cyber criminals they are needed large volume data, included photos in the upcoming years, while video clips of person που they want to copy, in order to commit such fraud. The different angles, h brightness in the upcoming years, while his expressions person have a important impact in the final quality. Η modern power of computer in the upcoming years, while This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. software is same to you necessary for the achievement one realistic result. This requires huge resources and it is available only in a lot small number criminals of cyberspace. Hence, despite their risks που involve the deepfakes, continue to are a very rare threat alone few buyers they can to it endure finances - after all, the price per minute, thin of deepfakes it can start from US$20.000. “One of the most serious threats to companies is not necessarily the theft of corporate data. In some cases, the very image of the company may be damaged by the public. For example, a video may be released of a manager making controversial statements about a sensitive issue. For a company, this could quickly lead to a stock market crash. Despite the fact that such threats are very dangerous, the probability of such an attack remains extremely low due to the high cost of creating deep spoofs and the small number of malicious users who can create high-quality deep spoofs," says Kaspersky Expert Senior Security Officer Dmitry Anikin commented.

"This που you can to you are doing today is to recognize the basically characteristics of deepfake video που must to careful in the upcoming years, while to you are into a vigilance in this respect with the vocals messages in the upcoming years, while the video που you receive. Also, make sure that The employees your they understand what is a deepfake in the upcoming years, while how they can to This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. recognize - for example, convulsive movements, changes on Colour of skin, funny opening and closing of eye ή no", he continued.

Η continuous monitoring of streams money on darknet can to provides valuable information in this respect with industry of deepfakes, allowing to researchers to understand the latest trends in the upcoming years, while activities of the threat actors in this area. By monitoring the darknet, researchers can to discover new tools, services in the upcoming years, while markets που they are used for the creation in the upcoming years, while the distribution deepfakes. Η in due to this monitoring constitutes basic ingredient of research for the deepfake and contribute at improvement of understanding of evolving landscape threats. Η service Digital Kaspersky's Footprint Intelligence includes this of species the monitoring for to help customers to stay ahead of developments in deepfake-related threats.

Learn more about the deepfake industry at Kaspersky Daily.

To protect yourself from threats related to deepfakes, Kaspersky recommends:

  • Amp it up "human wall protection" of company: make sure that employees understand what deepfakes are, how they work and which ones invitations they create Provide continuous activities awareness in the upcoming years, while training for to help their employees to detect the deepfakes: η Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform helps them employees to stay informed about the last threats and to improve the levels of digital their literacy.

  • Download thorough information from reliable sources. Ο low informative literacy remains determinant factor for the spreading of deepfakes.

  • Get good protocols like "trust but verify”. A careful opposite attitude in audio and video messages do not guarantee that people will not be fooled never, but it can help avoid pitfalls.

  • The video Deep-fake are characterized from clumsy movements, changes lighting from καρέ into a frame, changes on Colour of the skin, error opening and closing of eyes, non synchronized lips in the upcoming years, while conversation, digitally fingerprints fingerprints on the image, low lighting in the upcoming years, while intentionally low quality video etc., the which is important to know to avoid becoming a victim. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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