Deepfakes for dancing: When AI dancing

Deepfakes for Dance: Watch what you see! Artificial intelligence (Artificial intelligence or simply AI) turns out to be a very powerful tool for creating fake videos. The latest known artificial intelligence is called deepfakes for dancing and uses AI to read dance moves from someone and copy them to a target body.Deepfakes

The new AI was developed by four researchers at UC Berkley. As they describe in a paper they published in arXiV (PDF), their system consists of a series of separate steps.

Initially a video is recorded by the dancer who wants to copy the movements. The movements are converted from an application to the movements of a "body" with simple lines and a video is created.
Then the change takes place. A neural network composes a video with a new body that faithfully follows the movements of the "body" with the lines.

The system can be used to transport all kinds of dance from modern to ballet.

It may sound simple, but there are many intelligent mechanisms. For example, there are techniques of smoothing movements so that dancers do not move mechanically. A separate neural network is also dedicated to locating the target's face to ensure greater realism.

There are also some limitations. AI can not accurately model dancers with clothes that do not fit into the body. In the video above, you can also see some visual anomalies. There the software could not just reproduce some complex moves, like a hand that pushes from behind to the front.

Nevertheless, the result is impressive. In the future we will probably see improved applications that use this AI. But think about the possible consequences of launching such applications… how much confidence we can have in what we see.




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