deepin 15.8 the beautiful Debian

The deepin 15.8 Linux operating system was officially released today with many new features and improvements.

Deepin is known as one of the most beautiful GNU / Linux distributions, and it also provides a secure, secure, reliable and easy-to-use operating system.deepin 15

Η new deepin version (a Debian-based distribution with Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) brings a redesigned control center, full disk encryption option and various other improvements and bug fixes:

Compared to deepin 15.7, the depth of 15.8 ISO has decreased by 200 MB. The control center, dock tray, boot theme, and applications have improved to provide a more beautiful and effective experience.

Read more by the release of the new version. See the list of all the apps in the new version.

Check out the distribution of a 15.5 version of a video published by the company:

You can download the deepin 15.8 from the following link:

Official Downloads:
64 bit: Click Here to Download (MD5 checksum) (SHA256SUMS)
Other Downloads (Synchronizing):
Baidu YunSourceforgeMEGAGoogle DriveCommunity ISO Repository

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